I fell in love with this song man, Korn is one of my favorite bands but I only have a 6 string guitar and eventually/unfortunately my next guitar will be a 6 string as well probably. How can I play this Korn song on my 6 string? The song is in A standard and does not use the top 3 strings throughout this tab, so I assume my only two possible options are to play it with standard E tuning using just the A,D, G strings, Or down tune my E string to A lol.... and the following strings as well
well the whole song doesn't use the last D string so i'd say tune it to ADGCFA.
It obviously wont sound the same, but if you're keen on tryin out the song..
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Sorry man, but I think you're kind of screwed. You could try the tuning that hecks suggested, but the strings will be so floppy that it'll probably be unplayable. Either that or maybe try a pitch shifter shifted down 3 whole steps and a half. Other than that, your only options I can think of are a 7 string guitar or a baritone guitar.
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You can play 7 string songs on a 6 string if they don't use all 7 of the strings, and particularly a song like this where only the lowest 4 strings are used.
But what you really need to do is restring your guitar with thicker gauge strings, then you can tune down to those ungodly depths! Assuming that's possible for your guitar - you should be ok as long as you don't have a floating bridge.
NSpen1 Hmm, I've been thinking about going from 9s back to 11s, my guitar for some stupid reason came with 11s as a beginner guitar lol
ballajoe010 I reckon for something that low you're going to want much heavier than that; at least a set of 13s for something that low depending on your guitar, quite probably you'll need something even bigger than comes in a standard set for the low A.

For example, when I tune my 7 string down that low I use:

D: 10
A: 13
F: 17
C: 26
G: 36
D: 46
A: 62

Your needs will also change depending on your guitar: guitars with a shorter scale length will need heavier strings to compensate for that.
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Zaphod_Beeblebr lol what a 62 guage string, geez the thought of that sounds beastly. I'm going to look into it because I really like dropped tunings, dabbled with drop D so far. If only technique drills didn't sound so awkward I probably would stay in that tuning for maybe most of my practice

Hey, is that 7 string guitar an Ibanez by any chance?