I have a PRS custom 24 as my main axe, absolutely love this guitar. Set it up to have a bit lower action a while back but at the time I was caught up with a ton of school work and real life work so the guitar went in a case for a bit. Upon playing it again, I noticed that the 14th fret gave me a buzz, but not on every string.

It's mainly the G string that buzzes the most on the 14th. if I move over the 13th or 15th the buzz is completely gone. If I move down to the B string, it buzzes less than on G but still buzzes on the 14th. Going down to High E I don't get a buzz.

I don't know if this is an issue that can be fixed with the truss rod or if I need the have the fret leveled.

On all my little project guitars I don't mind doing research and figuring out how to do things myself, but I absolutely do not want to mess up my PRS. I know that it may vary a lot, but if I were to take it to a luthier can you guys think of a ballpark figure? For all I know it may range from 20-1000 (exaggerating of course) but if anyone could share with me a general idea of what it would cost that would be great. Anyways thanks all in advance.
You've got fret sprout.

I'd take it to a tech to get the fret hammered back down. Should be cheap. Maybe $50?
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