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Jackson pro series King V
7 100%
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Schecter V-1 Platinum
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PRS SE mark holcomb
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Schecter Hellraiser Hybrid C-1
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Jackson Dinky or soloist
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Voters: 7.
So, i'm new around here in the forums so Hi!

I have an aprox. 1000$ budget and want to know wich of these guitars really worth my money, i live in paraguay(south america) so its going to be impossible to me to try any of these guitars and will have to pay at least 100$ in shipping

I really like the v-shaped guitars and as a fan of megadeth I was really interested in acquiring the Dean VMNT Angel of Deth, but in the last days I read a lot of topics that saids that dean doesn't really care about the quality of their instruments so that make me doubt of dean itself.
also read a review that saids that the neck on this dean is not really good for soloing at all despite of its thickness (19mm at 1 fret and 21mm at 12).
although I think is ideal for its great features at a great price and believe that the three knobs might be usefull somehow, and the included hardshell case might help me save some money, also love the graphic on it, really epic.

In the same forum I read that the jackson king v at those prices are somehow better in overall quality and features, I personally like the direct mount pickups in it and read alot of good stuff about his neck and the compound radius, the compound radius can come useful since i play some lead some rhythm, being my example i play like dave mustaine (yeah, really a fanboy).

The ltd dv8r also read a lot of good stuff despite being a signature version has most of the usa features. it was discontinued in 2006 so it would be an old used the one I would get if I do.

the schecter is there because, well, is a schecter, it has almost the same specs of jackson in an old fashioned flying v shape, but really don't know anything about this guitar or its quality.

So the guitars i'm interest at are:

-Dean VMNT AoD
-Jackson pro series king v
-Ltd dv8-r (also a dave signature, only found used)
-Schecter V-1 platinum

i play mostly metal, stuff with distortion and high gain megadeth pantera, some avenged sevenfold although i'm not a fast player, barely play tornado of souls solo on regular speed
all these guitars are the fixed bridge string through verion, since i like the string through and to detune my guitar

some of my options that are not in my list for not being v shaped but that i put here for their good reviews are:
-PRS SE Mark Holcomb Signature, really curious about the 20'' radius neck
-schecter hellraiser hybrid c-1
-Jackson Dk2mq
-Jackson sl2, don't know if the maple or ebony fingerboard version

Sorry for the long post guys, hope you can help me decide, thanks beforehand
I surely will try to compensate to you later
Any guitar around that price is going to be good. You can't go wrong with a Jackson Pro King V.
Of the list I'd buy a Jackson. The neck is extremely comfortable. Mustaine used to play Jackson if that helps.

I have a Kelly because of Friedman.
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You can't go wrong with a Jackson. Some of the best necks (and guitars) out there, IMO.
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