Greetings all,

I am a pretty novice guitar player. I have an Agile 3010se with sd sentient and nazgul pickups. I mostly played just using amplitube software, plugging my guitar into my audio interface. I was interested in using trying some hardware so purchased an orange micro dark and and crush 20rt. The cabsim feature seemed ideal for me for bedroom recording purposes. I checked out a number of online reviews and demos, everything from pro demos to youtube bedroom users with a variety of guitars, and the sound was consistent. I plugged them in and was surprised how poor it sounded with my setup. I now have noticed that the issue is present when I use amplitube, but its not as noticeable. Both amps displayed similar negative characteristics so ruled out them being faulty. Headphones and audio interface sound the same so don't think it has to do with my interface. Also swapped a few guitar cables to rule that out.

With the micro dark, I tested moving the volume and gain knobs around and it seemed to me to just go from flat and somewhat dull to extremely crushed, without much in between. Moving the shape knob wasn't much better. Turned down sounds cutoff and sorta weak, and turned up sounds squashed and fizzy. It didn't seem to get a whole lot better moving it all around in between. At this point I thought it had to be in the guitar. I took it into guitar center, grabbed a relatively cheap guitar, plugged it in, and it sounded much better to my ears, much closer to what i heard in demos. Tweaking the gain and shape knobs seemed to respond as I envisioned. So then I am certain its my guitar. I moved my pickups up and down, adjusted the pole pieces, not really any better. So I take it my local shop, and they check it out and tell me everything appears to be in working order and no issues.

I know my playing skills are bad, but the fact that using another cheapo at guitar center seemed to fix the issue, I have to think its more than my bad play here. I recorded 2 demos below, only using the sentient neck pu (bridge pu and combo seem to have same issues). For the first recording I just put the shape in the center. First 3 runs I have the guitar tone and volume at 10, and the last one I dropped both to about 6 on both. 1st run- amp vol 100 and gain 1/3, 2nd- vol 70 and gain 2/3, 3rd and 4th vol 50 gain full. 2nd recording I left the guitar vol and tone at 6, amp vol 60, gain full, and moved the shape all the way left, then all the way right.

Any incite or thoughts would be much appreciated. Thank you

1st http://vocaroo.com/i/s0jWS7nExApB
2nd http://vocaroo.com/i/s1SVSM09api0
By chance, is the gain turned up to much on your interface? Have you tried amplitube through headphones to see if it sounds bad before plugging to amp? Is your main volume on amplitube to high? Have you tried it on the clean channel of your amp?
Thanks for the reply Stedke. Gain on interface was another one I checked off, made sure it wasnt clipping, even turned it way down just to see if it made a difference, but the root sound remained the same. Volume with amplitube is monitored as well, no clipping. I turned that way down too. I did test with headphones to see if interface was an issue, but sound it the same. Actually with headphones it sounds more brutal. Even if I keep the volume on my guitar at 3 or 4, have the volume way down on the micro dark amp, it just sounds thin and weak, but when I push volume it just turns into a brutally rough tone. I seem unable to set any kind of middle gain, seems like it just goes from weak and nearly clean to extremely crushed and harsh. I noticed quite a while ago with amplitube that I had a hard time using the high gain amps such as the mesa boogie line, and the range was very similar to what I am noticing with the orange amps. Way down near clean, its sounds ok but weak, mid gain and volume sounds fartyish, and high gain sounds completely squashed. Gain levels on interface and amplitube r in check and not clipping.

I keep thinking my guitar isn't really optimal for high gain, fat palm mutes, but Ive seen numerous videos of ppl using similar style guitars that don;t seem to be experiencing the same issue, even using similar Agile guitars. I know that leaves me, the player as the cuplrit, but like I said I plugged in a cheap similar model at guitar center and wasnt having the issues.
Do you havea friend with a guitar to plug in? Would help eliminate variables.
Check your tone knob on your guitar.
But, the issue your likely having os with your amp rather then your guitar, try upping the treblr and mids and dropping the gain.