Hi People!
I was wondering if you would like to share your Carvin V3 amp settings on all channels and all types of music (metal, rock, funky, blues)
I playing all types of music, but a can`t setting up for modern rock like 3 Doors Down, Stone Sour, Seether, Killswitch Engage and etc.
CHANNEL= ( Lead or Rhythm)
EQX = (UP or DOWN)
I'm fairly new to the V3 too .... man it's a BEAST , I do know that ..... at this point I can dial my V3m great but still learning the big brother and they don't like the same settings as the mini version ...... you might ask on the Carvin forum for some help

I'm going to pull a couple power tubes and try to tame it because it's hard to turn down the volume in the house and then spend some more time with it but at this point I can't help much
Here's a video of Pif, the guitarist for Thira showing some of his settings for his V3M, the V3's little bro. I figure you can use it as a starting point.

FWIW, Pif & Thira get pretty heavy:

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to me they don't take the same settings as the mini , just too different but I'm sure there are some V3 video's somewhere ..... I bought my V3 on a whim local off the CL in a weak moment and just haven't had much time with it and it's real hard to turn the volume down low even on the 25 watt setting , you go from too loud to nothing from 1.0 to .5 on the master knob , just not a lot volume control down low , hard to play it in the house if someone is home hence need more time with it
Before you go chasing settings with your Carvin V3, you might want to take it to a good amplifier tech and have him or her warm up the bias a bit. Knowledgeable people have remarked for years that Carvin tube amplifiers come from the factory with the bias a bit too cold, and that slightly warming it up can make a world of difference in an already great amplifier.
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