Hi friends,
I just bought a guitar labelled only "Benton" without the Harley. It's a dreadnought, Spruce top (I don't know if solid or not) and mahogany body, looks a bit like a Martin D18, but with a white binding around the body. The bridge loosens a bit, but as it's screwed at 2 points, that doesn't matter. It seemed to be quite wrecked with an extremely high action, but very good intonation. After I put some work in it, it sounds and plays astonishing well. I own a Martin D 41 and a Gibson J45dl and wanted this baby only for my holidays, but I must say, it is really a good guitar for almost no money!
Does anyone of you know something about these guitars. Seems to be quite old, maybe 15 or 20 years, but I'm not sure. I would be very thankful for every kind of information!