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Because bad practice make perfect.
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Because no practice means
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Because even a wrong tab is worth *content*
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To incite anger in anybody unfortunate to share my ideals.
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Bad tabs
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This site has really...not done much in the way of helping people learn music. I recall being actual 100% correct transcription of Elliott Smith's Christian Brothers..which has one of the greatest chord progressions in contemporary music. I created it just to show people how wrong their work is (yet very similar to others' who have attempted to transcribe this. My 100% accurate (only in existence on paper to my knowledge) was either rejected or removed. How does allowing 13 almost identical (although everyone hears music wrong apparently).

My point being, seeking out and using tabs to learn songs, while may be fun is a really, really horrible way to improve your ear skills, simply because you are putting up a barricade between yourself and the music when you are reading from a (most likely clueless sheet of numbers. I implore you to cut back on the tabs and try to learn what you want by listening and repeating. Even if you can just find the roots of a few chords, you're still engaging your ears as well as your instrument.

I'm mainly saying this because the vast majority of these tabs are insanely wrong (for being tablature first off) and also just being WRONG!!! To sift through 13 tabs and find them all including the same wrong major chord when it's clearly a minor chord...to find out the author can't make that barre shape so the whole site who sees this tab will be not learning how to incorporate their barre skille better. I think better screening should be done...because to not accept the ONLY 100% correct transcription of one of the most requested Elliott Smith songs is ludicrous. Clearly very few people on this site can play the chords in their proper voicing, but I transcribed the song specifically for the people on this site, I included staff notation, chord diagrams and even musical notation. Now I find this guy saying he has the best tab almost 99% accurate. Almost 99% as accurate as everyone else's incorrect attempts. LIKE WHAT GIVES MAN? I mean I had only notated the main chord progression (which is the spotlight here), as the rest of the song is easy enough to use someone's crappy tab...it'd sound close enough.

I don't use tabs, I can't read them fluently like sheet music, as numbers and dotted lines is really anti music imo. I want to present tablature/sheet music of the highest quality, but years after I released my tab, I can't even google my name to find it. I don't have a backup copy. If I had died before making a new one from memory, who knows if there would even be an accurate tab!!!!!!! Long story short::::browsing tabs, I find the highly rated ones to be just as bad (although usually nicer formatting) than the really bad ones. Is there no quality control? Is learning wrong acceptable nowadays? Those people rejecting tabs, should those tabs which are more wrong than right be allowed? How is that anything ultimate. I mean I don't want tabs, I just want to be able to submit proper transcriptions and not have them rejected for ....being too correct? It's not copyright infringement you know.
tl;dr "I'm salty because my tab got rejected and btw if you read tab you suck"

And most songs I've learned from tab on this site have been fine so maybe you're just unlucky
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Oh you're tab was rejected? Awww, muffin. Shit happens. Get over it. And have you ever thought that since you're the only one really complaining about the tabs that maybe it's your ears that need training, and not everyone else? And one other thing: Some tabs can't be tabbed out perfectly for this site because they are protected by copyrights. Artists hire companies to produce high quality, accurate tabs. Those companies need to sell their works, so their tabs and any tabs that are too close to a protected work can't be on a free site like UG. If you're as good as you say you are (I don't really care one way or the other but...) why don't you use that skill and work for a guitar magazine or something? Why not get paid for something that you're good at?
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Nope. No whiny pissbabies in my forum. Thread locked.

If you're actually talking about making the site better then go here
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