Newbee here, first posting..I hope I can explain correctly. I have a strat pickguard cut for 4 lipstick pups, 4 on-off-on mini switches, a master vol, and master tone. I have been looking for days, and have not found anything close. If someone could look over my pix and let me know if this is possible, I would appreciate it!
Motocaster scem1.pdf
It's all over the internet. I'm not sure where you've been looking, but you need to sharpen your Google-Fu, grasscrapper.
I guess what I'm trying to go for is; one on/off/on mini switch for each pup that works like one way is in series, and the other way is in parallel....at least that is what I'm asking if this is possible....or what gets me close to this. I just wired another strat, sss and put in a series/parallel switch, and it is working fine.
This is more complicated than it looks, and I believe that it won't work exactly the way you want. Series and parallel use different methods to bypass a pickup (short vs open). It's possible to mix S/P, but you need to make other compromises.
If you want the individual per-pickup switches, I would recommend trying all series. Search for Brian May wiring and add one more pickup switch to that and ignore the phase switches if you don't want them. If you prefer parallel, that's standard guitar wiring, and you can find a 3 toggle switch diagram and add one more switch.