So I have an Squiter Standard Strat in antique burst just sitting on my stand that I took off a friend that needed some cash. Squiers tend to get a lot of hate and I agree they're really not the best. Bullet Strats are pretty awful.

I was thinking of making this a little project and changing the tuners (because the tuning heads on these are absolutely horrid) and maybe the pups..but is it worth it? I already have some parts lying around that I could use to upgrade some gear. Would I get a decent sounding guitar that would possibly be gig worthy?

I've seen threads about people wanting to make a project out of a bullet or affinity strat and the general consensus seems to be that it's not worth it at they're made from cheap parts.

Worth making a project out of it? Or should I just buy another used beater guitar with 3 single coils or even a used rg? I know those are good for project guitars
if i'll run into problems I'll probably just give this guitar to a friend that needs one. Just want some opinions

I don't have a fender strat which seems like a nice addition, can I make this close to a strat? If not i'll prob just buy a mim strat
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If you are ok with the fact you will probably be only keeping the wood the guitar is made from and replacing every single component and doing fret work go for it, I spent £30 on my Squier from Cash Converters and so far have replaced the tuners (£30 Axes r Us locking, great tuners) the nut, (graphite from Axes r Us £2), bridge, (Wilkinson WVPC Hipshot style trem £30 same as on Chapman guitars I noticed after he brought those out, good bridge)

I got roller string trees for about a tenner iirc and now the guitar is currently in bits as I am waiting for some Iron Gear pickups to arrive and entirely new electronics and wiring, I also sanded the neck to a flatter profile then refinished it.

I still need to sort the frets out too.

It's a lot of work, and will cost more money than the guitar is worth but all in all the whole project will cost about £200 and it will end up a much better than a £200 guitar.

This kind of stuff is also super fun for me, I love working on and modding guitars.
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