Hey everyone. I have noticed a weird connection/sound problem with my Boss pedals. I had a DD-7 running into a Boss RV-6, connected in stereo in the loop of my stereo tube premp and everything was fine. But now I got a Boss CE-5 and connected its two outputs into the the two inputs of the DD-7. And weird stuff started to happen.
First: the chorus only sounds stereo, if the effect level knob is dimed, i.e. turned fully clockwise. As I turn it down, the signal from one of the speakers gets lost. Somewhere I read, that the B output from that CE-5 is dry siginal only which means that you have to dime the effect level, to get full stereo, with equal volume on both sides. Is this really true? Is the CE-5 constructued in a different way than let´s say my TCE stereo chours? Because the TCE works normally in stereo, you can regulate the effect level and don´t loose volume on one side. I have the TCE chorus connected stereo into my TCE delay and everything works perfectly.
Second, even more weird: the CE-5, connected with two cables into the DD-7, causes the DD-7 losing its stereo effect - the left-right ping-pong of the repeats is lost and the repeats go just mono, in the centre.
Now, if anyone has personal experience with a similar connection, can you please tell me: is this really just a weird design of the Boss pedals, or is any of my pedals malfunctioning?
Thank you very much in advance for your replies!
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