Loved it man, mix is great. The balance really worked for me, drums at the right level, the writing just in general is great. Playing is spot on. You have lots of variety in texture in the arrangement as well. I'd have called it just after the chord at 5:07 rather than have it continue on but that's just a personal preference thing. Really enjoyed it.

Check out my track, guitar instrumental stuff but completely different mood wise
Hey man, thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it. Can you put a link to your thread so I can critique?
I liked the mellow way it starts, but seeing that image of your guitar I knew teh br00tz would be incoming!
I'm not the biggest metaller so I was happy to find the music was interesting to follow and wasn't inaccessible.
The overall mix works well and the playing top notch.

C4C - https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1723820
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hybrid 6.0
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Read the Two Guys Metal review here

Nice work. Playing seems very tight with some nice riffage going on. I like the section starting around the 2:06 mark - the interplay of the distorted guitar and the clean part worked well for me.

Mixwise this is generally well done. The guitars at times come across as a bit noisy and indistinct. I think it's mainly in the sections where you have the long atmospheric notes playing. During those parts there is a lot going on and it gets a little too busy (my ears feel relieved when it breaks and there is less going on). A person with mix skill would advise you to cut some of X frequency range on a track to make it less busy. I lack said skill. I would suggest it is something around the mid range (maybe 1- 3Khz). I'm usually wrong - so thats probably the last pace to look!

Anyway, minor criticism aside - nice track. If you fancy checking mine out - https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1725692

Pretty intense! The playing is tight. I would classify this as djent, and I think this song is more melodic than most djent, which is good. Drums, electric guitar, and electric bass are quite good. Well done! As a side note, the djent dude Misha Mansoor (who used to hang out on the Line 6 forums if my memory serves me) got a Grammy nomination for his group Periphery's song "The Price is Wrong". Please review my music at this link:

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You definitely have some songwriting skills dude! I wish I could write riffs (and play them) like that. The mixing is pretty tight too. I would recommend adding vocals but maybe it would sound too busy, so it's fine like that. Looking forward to hear more of your songs!

C4C? Just choose any of the songs, no need to hear the whole thing: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1725942
Nice guitar tone in the intro, love that mellow feel. Now thats some pretty intense playing at 0:18. Wow! Like that riff at 0:50.
Like that short breakdown at 1:07. Makes the next part stand out a bit more. Like the part at 2:54. Sounds quite melodic, even though you are chuggin' away.
I must say it gets a bit too much after a while, but maybe thats just me.
All in all, this sounds really good. You got some serious skills. Keep it up!

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Very atmospheric man. This is the sort of piece I could fall asleep to when in the back of the van at night whilst on tour down the motorway with all the lights (obviously not driving myself). One of my favourite Periphery tracks is Jetpacks Was Yes from the instrumental side of the debut album for that very reason.

My girlfriend once told me that she usually knows if she loves a song from the intro, and it's the intro that grips her into listening to it again and again more than most other songs. This nails that. Good job!

Thanks for the feedback on my track also man
Brilliant. There's a lot of guitar heavy instrumental music out there that I find becomes monotonous quite quickly. Yours on the other hand had me hooked from the beginning and kept me interested the whole way through. 
It was technical without losing it's melodic power. Your playing has a distinct energy to it that I love. 
I'm really impressed. Can't really fault you on anything.

If you could check out my one song and give some feedback I'd appreciate it. 
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