One thing lead to another and somehow this song happened.

Eggs and bacon break, dancing to the sun
Sliding on a sled of rays, gunna get everyone
No matter what time, no matter what day
At last we have the freedom, to eat lunch our way
Advantages of early worms, eaten by birds
Riding on the sky, falling as a turd
A collision to the sidewalk, running down the cracks
Breakfast is all day now, let's go late night pack

Morning dew tastes good, in a yellow glass
Gunna get every drop, drip it in the mass
It's all opinion of fact, but I believe that is true
Cereal tastes good all day, doesn't matter what you do
Flashback smash attack, it's all for one or none
But in the dance of the clown, make-up eats the frown
Wrinkles dance behind ages, lonely ones stick pages
Breakfast is all day now, let's go late night rages

Don't diss my artwork, I painted it with my toe
Which body part hides the art, the brain is not that smart
Building a dream for a bridge, it just gets walked on
The world seems so masochistic, it's taken it this long
Mother Nature screams her safe word, it's written in the clouds
Her cries blended together, all equally loud
Magma boils inside, doesn't care about goals
Breakfast is all day now, light late night poles
i read "running down the cracks" as a pun and lol'd

i like the constant shifting of metaphors and relations between phrases going on. reminds me of aesop rock, i dickride him a lot- for me personally, the style is incredibly difficult but you're not too far away from it yourself. the difference i see is that instead of urgency it feels like your tongues tucked so far in your cheek that you can't help but laugh because everything seems to be a parody of itself, in this incredibly childlike, singsong way.
Ooooh, turd...cracks. I didn't even realize that, I mean no of course I intended that!

Thanks for commenting, I haven't heard of the dude but I see what you mean, cool lyric style. I write for rock tunes but everyone always think my lyrics are rap like, I just like to unload every thought I get into my stuff and go all over. Writing other ways is not as fun.