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forefinger and third finger
2 17%
forefinger and pinky
4 33%
forefinger, third and pinky
8 67%
0 0%
Voters: 12.
i use my pinky instead of third and fourth finger.

what do you guys use and why is it easier for you? my friend thinks it's stupid to play powerchords with your pinky, but he listens to green day.
For 90% of the time, I use index/ring/pinky. The other 10% of the time, I use index/pinky.
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Quote by stonevalley
my friend thinks it's stupid to play powerchords with your pinky, but he listens to green day.

A lot of metal bands use their pinky for powerchords, especially if they're playing fast riffs with only two note powerchords. I use my pinky a lot too, both for two & three note chords, but also use index/ring/pinky - I seem to have been doing that a bit more recently.
Of course if you really wanted to play with attitude you'd use your middle finger
NSpen1 i began with my index, third and pinky, but saw kurt cobain using only his third, so i began doing so. recently i've been picking up metallica songs, and it requires fast powerchording, so i use my pinky to save muscles stretching my third across the fretboard.
I've always played them with forefinger and pinky. Maybe its wrong, but it feels much more natural for me. I did try to train myself to use forefinger and third, but I always go back to the pinky sooner or later.
Yes, Metallica's a perfect example. I remember playing Metal Militia, that sequence after the solo requires a lot of fast powerchord movement, so it really helps to be able to use your pinky. Still, the string cutting into my pinky fingertip at those speeds was enough to make it bleed!
NSpen1 play long enough and you'll get it. i hated using my pinky as it hurt a lot, so little muscle against 10 gauge strings. i continued using my third finger, but somehow after watching foo fighters live, using the pinky somehow got managed to get in my brain
When I started playing, my hands were too small to use the 1st and 3rd so my brother told me to use the 4th, and I've generally played like that ever since. Except for songs that use a shuffle or some sort of hammer on/pull offs and what not.
I use fore, third and pinky for "full" power chords.

Otherwise I tend to use my forefinger and pinky, as it allows me to use my middle and ring fingers for leading notes and chromatic stuff
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i "almost" always use my 1st and pinky.. i play alot of fast stuff and playing something like Angel Of Death by Slayer is almost impossible to play with 1st & 3rd...
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