Hello everyone.

I'm currently in the market for buying a hollowbody guitar for around 500-600 bucks. From the guitars I've found interesting, the Ibanez ASV10A (335 body) and AMV10A (339 body) are the ones I'm interested in the most.

As I cannot try any of these in a shop as they do not have any in stock and say they won't have any anytime soon, I'm looking for owners of these guitars on here.

I'm interested in your opinions, comparisons (if possible) etc.

I thank you in advance!
I am not sure about those pickups Ibanez make quite a few substandard pickups and a few gems too. Super 58 are some of the best ones for that type of guitar that they make. The ASV100DG has them it is a bit more expensive though. I have super 58's in my AR 325 they sound great one of the few Ibanez guitars I did not want to change the pickups on. Some years back i wanted a 335 type guitar and had my heart set on an Ibanez but I just did nto like the sounds and ended up with a Fender 72 reissue thinline tele. I got my Artist since and that has some nice sounding pickups.