Hello, I bought a Sterling by Music Man guitar in 2014. The model is a JP (John Petrucci) 100D 2014. I have 1 problem: The bridge is tiltling upward. I have been changing the strings from .09 to .010 gauge.

I have tried to find videos on how to adjust the bridge so it is parallell with the guitar body. How can I fix this problem?

Should I:
- adjust the truss rod first?
- adjust the bridge?
- losen the strings?

Skann 5. feb., 16.17.pdf
- Tighten the screws in the tremolo cavity to increase the pull on the bridge from the springs.
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Tighten the claw springs. The screws on the left in your first picture adjust the tension of the trem springs, so as you tighten them you should see the bridge pull back towards the body.

This is a dynamic system, so once you have the trem back to a good spot, you'll need to tune the guitar and check the bridge height again. Once you have the bridge height set with the guitar in tune, you'll want to check and adjust the intonation.