I had the day off work so I took the subway over to Hong Kong. Mainland China basically has crap for guitar stores...but for some reason Hong Kong has a lot of decent stuff. I went to a few boutique places and to a couple of Tom Lee Musics. Tom Lee is like the guitar center of Hong Kong. I played a bunch of stuff today. I mainly wanted to get a seven string I could practice on while I was over here for work. The rest of my guitars are in another city.

Found a good deal on this guy and couldn't resist.

Excuse the hotel bed porn shot. It's an Ibanez RGDIX7. Yay. It's the cheapest guitar I've bought in a long time...almost 5 years I think. It is the only non Japanese Asian made guitar I've bought in forever.

These things list on reverb for like 900-1000 new. I don't think anyone could convince me to pay that much for this guitar...but Tom Lee was having their after Chinese New Years sales and this guy was marked down to about 650usd. I can roll with that. Barely. But there wasn't anything cheaper. I was actually hoping for a store model JBM27 but they didn't have any. Oh well.

More Pictures!

Thoughts: That top is hilarious. The bevel makes it really clear that veneers aren't tops. It looks like a sheet of paper. It does nothing except look pretty. That's ok I suppose...but I think ash looks pretty good by itself.

What the deuce is going on with the fretboard. I've never seen lines like that where the frets end. It doesn't look good.

Other then that the guitar is pretty good. The ash is pretty. The fret ends aren't sharp. The maple board looks pretty good. AANJ and Wizard neck are pretty comfortable.

It was setup surprisingly well. The sales guy said they didn't set it up when the received it...but it's supposed to be tuned to D standard and it was definitely tuned to E which resulted in a slight neck bow but it still plays pretty well.

26.5 scale is super for a 7. Frets don't feel as jumbo as my Skervesen.

I think it does need a setup though. The action is about 1.5 on the high E and 2mm on the low string. Low enough for some people but I like my action a bit lower then that.

Sound: I don't have an amp here right now but I played this through an EVH 5153 combo at the shop for about 30 minutes. The amp was in the same room that they kept all their PRS's. So I got to compare this guitar to a couple of S2's and a 4k custom 24. I hate all the stock PRS pickups. the Dimarzio fusions in this thing sounded fine...not as smooth but a bit more aggressive. The PRS's just dad rocked everything. This guitar sounds good. Love the 5153. Really aggressive and thumps.

Overall: It's pretty good I guess. Low-end guitars are pretty consistent these days. I've heard some horror stories about the iron labels. This one is pretty good though. They might have some consistency issues or what-not I don't know. I also played a RGIB baritone earlier in the day and that didn't feel as good as this guitar. This one didn't feel too different from the jbm27 i played a few months ago. i still think the jbm27 is the prettier guitar though. It's just so Djent.

Conclusion. Cheap guitars are pretty good these days I guess. I hate the ibanez quantum pickups but these Dimarzios are pretty good, at least good enough that I'm not thinking about changing them out right away. I wish there was a prestige version of this guitar that I could have compared but they didn't have one. They had a few other prestige 7s. honestly, couldn't tell the difference other then the price.

I hope my custom guitar gets finished soon...otherwise i'm going to have no money to pay for it at this rate.
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Quote by AcousticMirror

What the deuce is going on with the fretboard. I've never seen lines like that where the frets end. It doesn't look good.

If you're speaking of the vertical lines at the edges of the fretboard; those are fret tang ends. Some manufacturers undercut the frets, eliminating tang ends. Binding of some kind usually covers this area, and sometimes fret slots are cut in such a way that this isn't necessary.
Even if the top is just there to be pretty, I love these guitars and want one so bad. My logical brain is completely overcome by the "neat" factor.

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lol at "what the deuce"

^ Yeah I think I have a few guitars like that and if it makes it softer on your fingers it's great.
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