Hello guys.
I have an M-Audio M-Track 2x2M interface. It doesn't have an on-off switch. It is powered from usb connection with PC. There's no standby switch or anything like that. Is it possible to damage the electronical components of the interface over time by never plugging it off?
I've just started to learn the recording basics so I need some advice. I didn't find anything about this topic in handbook packed with it.
Thank you for any answers.
No, the components won't get damaged.
I have had my M-Audio fast track pro for about 6 years now (give or take a year). I always had it plugged into my pc, but two years ago i got a laptop, so i plug it in and out all the time, and i have to admit, i rarely turn it of before i yank out the usb cable. The thing still works flawlesly. So yeah, i doubt anything really bad can happen if you just leave it plugged in.
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