Hi everyone, i'm fooling around with a crazy idea. I´ve got a Marshall cabinet with a frfr speaker (beyma 12ga50) 250 watt. and i'm using an HH power amplifier, but i've got no the best results for my desired tone using this gear and the POD XT (the bean). I was thinking about buying a class d module the same as one PA. and hitch it to the cabinet so i would have the PA amplifier and the Marshall look. Anyone here think if this is a stupidity? yes, i know i could buy a PA like the Alto TS210 or so, but since I've got the cabinet and the frfr speaker i should take advantage of these things and just buy the amplifier module.

I hope you can give some good advice. Thanks in advance.

Here you can see the modules i'm talking about:

I use a Bad Cat Unleash re-amper between my Marshall DSL40 and a 2x12 cab. The Unleash is a class D amp. Sounds like a good idea to me....