Cold mist vaporized, dancing in your eyes
Bugles blow the tune, cereal without a spoon
Warm touch facing back, jackhammer heart attack
I wonder if it's real, wonder if it's an ideal

The circus is over, trucks left town
Candy is melting as the sky turns brown
Hitched a free ride, tires are balding
Meters depleting and reality is calling (but I'm not picking up)

Been away so long, never knew you all along
Seashells washed away, anchored soul at boy
Illusions drawn in, mermaids slice the skin
Devoured once again, formerly now and then

Future, can't see straight
Present, it radiates
Someone, cut the brakes
The candles, they're on the cake

Lift off at eights, dreams can wait
Forcing the slate, jettison some weight
The sky turns brown, tires are balding
Lift off at eight, history's rotting

If you dare to listen to something so lo-fi you can hear my recording to (it's all just me)