Bought a PRS from a friend and he told me he changed the tuning heads to black ones. They have a "w" logo on them going to try and upload a picture but I don't know how to at the moment lol
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I have some black Grover tuners. Are these tuners any good or should I have the grovers installed?
1 - does the guitar stay in tune when you play?
2 - if not, the problem is more likely to be the nut, you can try graphite from a pencil (just loosen the string, rub the pencil in the slot, retune and see if the problem persists), or a specialized lubricant (big bends nut sauce has a good rep, even though it has a hilarious name) can help with that and is cheaper than replacing the tuners.
3 - if the guitar still won't stay in tune, then maybe it's time to replace the tuners, otherwise, they should be ok, unless you're looking for a multi-ratio set (I think planet-waves makes them, they're made so 1 turn on your tuner will raise/lower the pitch of each string the same amount).

i'd say save your money and keep them.

That said, if you have the grovers, and you like the look/sound/feel/whatever of them, swap them or have a tech do it for you if you're not comfortable.
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Tuners very, very rarely need replacing. Even the cheap ones will work absolutely fine. They might have more play in them then nicer tuners, but as long as you tune up to a note and not down, the backlash is going to be taken up by the tension of the strings anyway, so it isn't going to make a difference.

Tuning stability problems are nearly always caused by the guitar not being strung properly and/or the nut not being cut properly. Investigate those avenues before writing the tuners off.
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T00DEEPBLUE I see. I've always generally heard to ditch crappy tuners for ones people consider good like grovers. This is my main axe so I've made upgrades to it however I was wondering if replacing the tuners were necessary. It stays in tune just fine though so I guess I'll keep it this way. Thanks both
If it stays in tune fine then don't fix what isn't broken.
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I also have to do that. Cottaging this weekend
Those tuners are almost certainly made by Wilkinson. Pretty good stuff, Wilkinson. But as others have said, unless you've got a lot of play (sometimes referred to as "lash") in a tuner, then they don't need to be replaced unless they actually break.
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I generally swap out the tuners on all my guitars with generic tuners. I am a big fan of Grover locking tuners myself. However, I do have non-locking Grovers on my Yamaha SG and they work just fine. However I would be happier with lockers on it.
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Yes those are Wilkinson's Basically the same design as the Grover's and dozens of others and just as good as any of them, But as the others have stated if it aint broke why fix it?