Hi all.
Trying to figure out a potential set up to be slowly purchased over this year.
I have guitar/pedals into head/amp with effects loop. I love to jam and practice using a simple looper pedal.

What I am looking to achieve is some sort of foot controlled looper pedal which can also take in a synth and drum machine so I can create more fullsome backing for my playing.
I recognize that a looper outputting drum/synth into my amp is not going to work so I might use my monitors (KRK rokits) but I guess I would need a looper that has the option of taking different inputs and outputting them to different places (return of amp head and powered monitors separately).

I am hoping to have this all analogue (well what I really mean is no computer involved).

I have no clue how to create such a set up, even after searching looping.

Any ideas?