There is little reason to say much beyond the galactic eons
One table and 80 chairs build potential for life essential
Quick question quick answer in a box drop a stinky sock
Always someone who wants to eat it, suck fumes from a truck
Numbers don't tell much but examples feel like bars of steel
The more it's done, the less one can go beyond
Simple ideas and more presented with bows and smile rows
One in a billion means one for me and the rest like trees
Without faces, stories or any connection just roots planted underfoot
Find your soil and dig out a spot no more it's just enough
Stagnation begins when leaves pop and nothing's left to talk
So buy some raid and spray away that which is snug as a rug

From what I understand it releases cells but where is Satan's Hell
One and another folded on top can you find anyone to bind
To yourself to your beautiful, gross, and misanalysed thick brained self
No one said how to find anything but self taught is like second hand store bought
Homestyle drips flows blood all over the page in an ape like rage
Does a human touch include d.n.a. or is this spit part of the bit

Lasso in the snow snag a leg but do not leave a tag
Labels can be torn, branding is nothing short of new life born
Friends are slaves to serve one self all about one self to benefit one self
Social words are the chains, only they break the more you rake
But this slave trade sure is simple, can a slave be a slave or even saved
For love, care, joy and all is but a word in a book like the rest
Dipstick in a sweater vest, need a crew to go undo
The very town to it's core, beats for none not even the sun

Who keeps this city alive who pumps the veins and makes gluttony thrive
It's not me I am a drain but I will not even catch rain
For it can't beat steel walls or even cause an echo in the halls
I am the city for the king and queen are just myself
If no one falls into the sandwich rope trap how will I unleash this gibberish yap
Back to the mayor's house, the queen and king gotta do their thing