I've been searching high an low to find out how to connect two single conductor Humbuckers with one volume and two tones in an 335.

I first tried the scheme from Seymor Duncan, but that one has more conductor in the diagram and I don´t get Any sound in the middle position. If i remove the ground from the bridge pick up from the back of the pot I get sound in middle position but the sound looses like half power in bridge position. I thought it was just to connect like the diagram from SD and treat the shield as the green and gray in their diagrams and the middle lead as the black.

Does enyone have a solution for this?
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I have now connected everything like that diagram. And it is pretty much the same as the one I used yesterday. Still no sound in the middle position.

I made a test, and when I put some paper between the contacts in the switch in middle position I get sound. How does the switch work, shouldn't both contacts be connected in middle position? And how come I get sound when I break that circuit?
Your pictures help- i see u got the diferent version of switch :
on one side of the 3 way switch u got 3 lugs and on the oposite u got two lugs that are pushed together . The two lugs pushed together act as comonn hot wire for bouth pickups and shoud be wired to volume, and the one thicker lug that is in between the other two lugs is the ground.
Just switch those two wires and tell if it works.