Any songs for good practice? Ive been playing rhythm for about a year now, pretty good at it but now I'm getting bored of strumming around. So any tips/advice?
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There's no trick to it, just learn a solo...Highway to Hell is a good one to start with
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^^yeah that's a great idea. You could start practicing a basic major scale for 5 minutes or so as a warm up to get your fingers used to moving that way, but in my experience, the best way to learn is to have fun with it, and then go back and focus on technique later.
Write your own songs, it's more fun to play your own solos. Your ability to write music is just as important to practise is your ability to play music in my opinion. Look up tabs of songs that contain licks that you like, learn those licks and then make your own versions of them and put them together into your own solos.
The technical side of soloing is making every note sound clear and accurate, legato or picked. So get some exercises online, a metronome and nerves of steel. I recommend Frank Gambale's Chop Builder, the Paul Gilbert upstroke exercise, and every AC/DC solo. Steely Dan has great solos as well.
The melodic side of soloing, is phrasing+themes+variations. Listen to Larry Carlton, David Gilmore, Joe Satriani etc.
Best of both worlds: Thin Lizzy, Ritchie Blackmore, Randy Rhodes, Neal Schon
What style do want to play? Do you know the various types of 7th chords (maj7, min7, m7b5, 7 (dom7), dim7)? Can you play them in the same area of the neck. If so, try some chord progressions with you targeting the tones in each of these chords (not so much the roots, as the rest). Instant melodic lines that can be built on.