Hi everyone

Does anyone have experience with the Jackson Monarkh JS22?

I think about getting one as a cheap guitar to take with me when I travel. Any thoughts about the pickups and if I should swap them with some Bareknuckle Mules or a Duncan JB in the bridge and a 59 in the neck?
We were just talking about the JS series below. And today someone posted a short positive review of another JS model on reddit guitar. It's a good guitar and it's going to do the job. The pickups are improved over older JS models but it wouldn't hurt to replace them if you want to.

Thanks for the reply.

I'm sorry but I'm new to the forum so I don't know what you mean by "below" (I searched for Jackson JS22 but nothing relevant came up).

Which Pickups do you think would be better for a Gary Moore (in his still got the blues times) type of sound?
The first question to ask when changing pickups is what your amp is.
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I play through various Amps. At Home I use a THR10 (my neighbor thinks that even that is to loud). While I travel I often times use BiasFX through my Steinberg Interface and sometimes I just play through whatever amp I can get my hands on (mostly Fenders and Marshalls).

I understand that the Amp makes a big differnce, but still I think that I should try to get Pickups that would at least through a Marshall sound the way I like it.
To say the amp makes a big difference is an understatement. It makes up over 90% of your tone.

Its also rather silly to think about getting new pickups for a guitar you don't even own yet. Shouldn't you actually get the guitar first before worrying about any of this?

It's also very uneconomical to buy a brand new guitar and put in a new set of pickups that costs half what the guitar's worth. Why not just get a better quality guitar in the first place? I know it's only a travel guitar, but you get what you pay for when you're looking at this price range. If you can afford a better guitar to travel with, why not?

Have you also considered what you can get at Rondomusic for your budget yet? Unbeatable bang for the buck with those guitars. Especially at the $300 price range.
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The first question to ask when changing pickups is what your amp is.

Agree, and it's often left out of the discussion inexplicably.
A JB/59 is a great combo, but I always recommend hearing the guitar for a little while to see if it has any sonic things you'd like to correct. Sometimes my go-to pickup choices don't work in a particular guitar, as I need something that is brighter or darker than what my usuals have. So listen for a little while, and then decide.
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