Based around an Old Transvision vamp song stuck in my mind

It was the best of times
It was the worst of times
Or at least that what its like
when your young thieving scum.

Times were hard
Thing's were bad
It was'nt supposed to end this way
But at the end of the day
What can I say

It was late
The F****r took our cash
There was friction
We were spooked
Stuck in the knife
We took his stash
Between us we ran away
With gear and money
Into the night
And in a graveyard
We bury then fight

Why you prick
You F*****g fool
What do we do now
You useless tool

In the dark
I take my knife
Accross his neck
An impulse slice

He stares and coughs
And drops to the floor
With eyes gone Black
I drag through the door
Through the gates
A morsaleum floor
His body dumped
No life
No more.

I sit outside
The stony walls
And read some words
In some bloody scrawl
And it said

On a dark night
Would you dare to waalk
Through gardens the dead stalk
In the mist will you shudder
At the words you uttered
Deep in you frightened mind
Would you dare to pass
The legions of white teeth
chipped and broken through the years
of guarding the rotting corpses
of lifes victims
Could you suppress the fear
And hold back the tier
Fighting to escape in pity
as you read the final scripts of
a thousand wasted lives
In a place such as this
Where lovers cease to kiss
The taste of death is always in the air
Yet one day
With the stones taken away
People will tread without a care
So on a dark night
With legs in flight
What fears will bee found
If you tread
Hallowed Ground.....

I Sat and read
Then next to me
A voice said!!!

Do you like
What you see
Do you want
To be with me
Do you like
The lace
Do you like
My face

Her Peroxide hair
And skin so fair
My bloodied hands
Lost in her stare

We walked and laughed
Held hands in the night
All memories gone
Of the nightime fight
The buried money,drugs and friend
The thoughts are gone so why defend
When all I need
Is the touch of her skin
And for a new life
I wish to begin

We reach my door
And with exitement in me
Hopeing for those I know
Not to see

Climbing the stairs
With no one around
I purse my lips
And urge no sound
On reaching my room
We go inside
Unseen by any
My body sighs

I take her in my arms and say
I never thought
This would be my day
But we are here
And this is now
And what happened between
I know not how

Your skin so soft
So smooth
So cold
The nightime air
Taken hold
So I guide you to
My shower room
And hold you close
But leave too soon
Before I've chance
To taste your flesh
But hear the door
Of someone else

My door is locked
And now we are alone
Safe inside
My meagre home
In all this time
So few words said
I edge towards my waiting bed
You smile at last
And break your lips
Your sullen tones
My heart it flips
Take me now (she says)
I've been long at rest
And without your help
That I request
I will not make
The morning light
My soul will fly
And leave your sight
I need what's been done
By your hands
Your selfish act
I understand
So tonight I claim my prize
And on this morn
I will arise

With shock
My towell falls away
And on the bed
I lie and say
You saw my wrong
You saw my crime
You want the money
You want whats mine
They've set me up
The filthy scum
So what time
Will they come

You take my gaze
And push me down
My body so weak
And with a smile
And frown

Look my love
You whisper soft
When you did your deed
I was aloft
For a mate
When I passed over
The cemetry gate

I saw your passion
I saw your hate
I knew then
This was our fate

So as you feel
My power so strong
And as you see
My teeth grow long
With the scratch
Upon your neck
This is just
My loving peck
For though I watched you
From above

Not written for years
Last edited by lugchris at Feb 8, 2017,