I'm not getting what I want tone wise from my setup. I've been collecting some different pedals, and am nowhere near done on that front, but I've started thinking it may be the amp head I'm using.

This is what I currently run.
Head: Peavy XXL. Usually on the clean setting, even the crunch channel is set to low gain, just a little bit of pop. (Most of my dirt comes from the pedals)
Cab: Marshall 4x12. I've had this for ages, probably close to 10 years now.
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Currently I'm playing in a stoner funk metal band, so the sound I'm going for varies from warm clean jazzy bits to super dirty crunch. Right now, the clean setting sounds tinny, and not quite as full as I would like. The amps built in gain sounds really fake to me (if that makes sense) its super digital and doesn't really have any subtlety to it. I plan on combating that by ditching the Fuzz 108 and getting a different Overdrive pedal that has more tone control on it.

But that brings me back around to my main question, is it worth keeping the Peavy? Or should I drop the cash for a different head which has more of the base sound I like?

Budget is upto ~$1000. Cheaper the better, but I'll spend the dough for the right head.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Just writing this out was helpful to put my thoughts into words haha.
how bout a Peavey JSX which will be very similar to your XXL but a tube amp. thinking that will cure what ails you. you may want to look into other head options as well. what is your marshall cab exactly as if it is a cheap one then a better cab might be a good idea as well.
I've owned the XXL, I believe its still kicking around somewhere in the land of misfit gear aka my basement.

I seem to remember it being a pretty decent sounding amp with really sweet cleans. However it has an active EQ which I'm not really a fan of and can be very difficult to dial in if you're not willing to learn how to use it.

I also remember the different gain settings sounding muddy and having a really difficult time get a tight midscooped tone. Probably a bit because it's a SS amp and a bit because I never spent the correct amount of effort to learn the active eq.

So yeah, I would getting something else. I'll be honest, I play primarily 80s metal, so I couldn't really begin to recommend an amp for your style. But I can tell you that the XXL, while a decent amp as far as SS go, is a PITA. If you want to stick with SS, I'd suggest the Orange Crush line.
Quote by monwobobbo
how bout a Peavey JSX which will be very similar to your XXL but a tube amp. thinking that will cure what ails you. you may want to look into other head options as well. what is your marshall cab exactly as if it is a cheap one then a better cab might be a good idea as well.

And to add to this, the JSX really is basically a tube version of the XXL and a bit easier to get good tones from. Plus if you have an MG cab, those speakers are going to do you no favors in the way of your tone at all. Just getting a better cab/speakers will give your tone a HUGE boost.
Thanks for the input!

The cab is the Marshall MG412A. I've also thought about switching to a 2x12 1x15 cab too.

I looked at the Orange Rockverb 50 head, but that's a little more than what I want to spend. I also checked out a Marshall JVM210H, but kinda felt the same way about the clean tones on it. I'll give the JSX a look too and see how I feel about that.

I'm also not brand specific so staying Peavy isn't a deal breaker or maker for me.
That cab is rubbish, sorry.

Look at JSX combos - and throw two V30's into it.
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The XXL was an OK amp, Not stellar but OK, more of a Metal amp though, I'm just wondering what cab you have, Just because it has a Marshall badge on the grill don't mean squat, Thing could be a POS particle board China queen with paper plates for speakers, If something along the lines of a 1960 then yes your amps most likely the culprit, However the fact your looking for a head under $1000 may suggest your cab is a China queen. I think a lot of people overlook the importance of the cab when it comes to tone, Meaning you could pair up a Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier and a crappy cab and it will still sound like crap , Pair your XXL with a Mesa 412 Rectifier and its going to sound pretty darn good compared to the cheap cab, Get it? In other words the improvement in tone doesn't always come from your amp,
EDIT MG? Sorry but thats a Serious POS Chinese Prostitute
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Sounds like the cab is a big issue.
If you don't mind ss amps the orange cr120h can pull off doom/stoner sounds without pedals and has a ton of low end. Good clean channel too.

But I would upgrade that cab first because XXLs are pretty sweet amps.
I agree. Don't underestimate the effect the speakers have on your tone.

Any chance you can take your setup to a store and test out some cabs? Marshall 1960, Mesa Rectifier, Orange PPC, something with Greenbacks may work well too.
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