Hi. I need some advice on which guitar to buy as my doom metal guitar. First I thought of going for a 7 string guitar, but as I realized I would hate the broad neck I am now thinking of going for a 6 string guitar and just tune it down. I see a lot of doom bands use Les Paul and SG's and tons of people on the net say they got that fat, wide sound which make them perfect for heavy, chuggy riffs. I find this quite paradoxical as they got the shorter scale length which I guess makes'em lovely to play but I thought the smaller the instrument is, the brighter the sound (or am I wrong?). Sure you can put on some fatter gauges which will produce a muddier and maybe apparently dark sound, but if you put this true a visual eq I really doubt that the dark frequencies could beat that of a lets say 28" baritone guitar.
I tried a Yamaha eas620 or something in my local music store today and it did sound great on the small Vox amp, but this could of course be the result of the nice mahogny body and good craftmanship (and possibly the awesome Vox sound). Could it be that doom bands prefer guitars with smaller scale length because they can more easily produce this sloppy sound with smaller string gauges, or is it something I just havent understood yet? Thanks for all input!!
Baritone definitely. I'd go schecter if youre on a budget. and if not jackson/ibanez
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Les Pauls and SGs are THE doom guitars. Their throaty sound just works well for it.

And typically longer scale lengths are brighter.
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gibson or gibson-a-likes with some PAFs will get you there. i use an gibson SG for doom/stoner. I stay in drop b with 13's and it is works great. I like the sound of the short scale downtuned for doom.

The real factor is the amp IMO.
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Sturgeon's 2nd Law, a.k.a. Sturgeon's Revelation: “Ninety percent of everything is crap.”

Why, yes, I am a lawyer- thanks for asking!

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Most doom bands use Gibsons because they handle the low tuning well. Try putting a set of 13's on an Ibanez and tuning to drop b and you will see why. Never cared for baritones for that low tuning, strings tend to get a bit flubby. That being said the guys in Sun O)))) all use custom strat shaped guitars and My Dying Bride are playing modern Jacksons. The doom sound is all in the amps. Get the right amp and you can play just about anything through it.
Reverend, Gibson LP, SG, Epi Goth, some Jay Turser LP knockoff would also produce that cool tone. The new Yamaha Revstars are amazing deal for the money, I played few at GC and was thoroughly impressed by the craftmanship, feel and sound. There are even some PAF options if you want to go more retro for noisier doom


I'd probably go for those but really any soloist style guitar will also work, even with EMGs. Look at Candlemass and Solitude Aeturnus - they use Jackson/ESP with no problems and IMO have a lot better sound than the new doom bands coming out.
diabolical I actually have the epi goth lp. It really does do doom nicely. When down tuned it's throaty and raw. Bang for buck, it's a good guitar.