I'm looking for a new bass, and though I've owned a ton, including a really nice 90's MIA Peavey, I always end up trading them. In my experience with guitars, standard MIM Fenders are good, not great, in terms of tone, but on par with standard MIA in terms of build quality. And when I say "standard," I mean the baseline, bonestock Fenders; not Classic Players and the like. However, I haven't played any of the more contemporary MIM instruments, so I wanted to gauge your opinions before sinking $600 into a new P bass.
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Save yourself $300 and look for a used one. Or up your budget a couple hundred bucks and look for a used MIA.

I'm a fan of MIM Fenders (still miss my Precision), but their price IMO isn't justifiable. They depreciate a lot, so you can get a good used one for half the cost, or for around the same a new Classic Vibe Squier which is about as good. At the other end of the spectrum, a couple hundred more on your budget puts you in used MIA territory, which is a sizable upgrade.

Regardless of whether you go new or used, if you decide on an MIM try before you buy. There's a lot of good ones, but there are a fair amount of lemons out there too. Make sure you don't get stuck with one.
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Save yourself money and get a second hand one or a Squier CV.

Save even more money by getting a second hand Squier CV.

Fender screwed up when they got rid of pretty much every middle priced or interesting bass guitar they made; they screwed up even more when they made the quality of the Squier series so high that it makes Fenders pretty much redundant.

And for the record: I've had 3 Mexican Fenders from three different decades and they were all total garbage. Dead sounding pickups, poor craftsmanship, they were really heavy, etc. The only one that got any use was the where only the wood was original. On the flipside I've never had a bad Squier (I've had 4 IIRC), all they needed was some TLC, a setup and a good amount of shielding.