Hi guys,
I'm looking to build as cheap as possible a MINI pedalboard for 5 mini pedals (IE Ibanez/Mooer style mini pedals) and a Line 6 G10 wireless.
2 problems:

1). I want the pedalboard with a rechargeable power supply for many reasons E.G. Pedaltrain volto (expensive so maybe not that exact one) or the new Mooer rechargeable power supply (which is half the price so probably that). Does anybody know what pedalboards could accomodate what rechargeable power supplies underneath? I know Pedaltrains own boards can fit a volto underneath but I'm looking for a volto alternative and a board that will have space to fit it

2). I want a line 6 g10 wireless or something similar which is nano sized, easy to use but to be POWERED from the power supply underneath. I understand the G10 requires a supplied mini USB cable to power it, so can anyone point me to a cheap adaptor cable to go from the power supply 9v to the G10 wireless USB input or recommend a similar wireless to help me get around this problem?

Buy a couple of Ikea GORM shelves and build a pedalboard that's exactly the size you want. That's what I did. I heavily reinforced it underneath with steel plates for strength and I cut one of the GORM shelves up to make an angled base so the board angles towards me. Works great. I didn't even have to buy anything; the shelves were just sitting there unopened in the back of the garden shed.

I think Ikea discontinued them though and re-released them as HEJNE. They're dirt cheap to buy.
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