Last night I was arguing with myself
I said "Self, do you even have a clue?"
I know it's 3 AM, but we should probably work things out
Why can't we just agree on what to do?

This town will be the end of both of us
See how the streetlights hardly even shine?
Take one last good look at all we've ever known
And call me back when you've made up my mind

Tell me there's a way out, I'm not the only one
With every step I take, I feel I've only begun
To speak the voice of reason and tell it like it is
The hopelessness of knowing, around here no one wins

So I rolled myself a cigarette and drank my coffee
Watching every single snowflake as it fell
Thought "Goddamn it, I'll be out of here by sundown"
Till then I'll keep collecting dust up on this shelf

Later that same morning, wandering the streets
I ran into a friend I'd thought we'd lost
Both searching for escape, we talked on a bus bench for an hour
I awoke at my kitchen table, he was gone


I still feel like writing a final verse or maybe a bridge. Thoughts so far?