Thinking of picking up a Peavey XXX Super 40 or Super 40EFX 112 to turn into a small head. The only question I have is if anyone knows if these were made in the USA or China. I know this is back when Peavey was manufacturing amps in both countries. I try to stay away from the Chinese amps all together, or at least know which country they're made in will give me an idea how much I'm willing to spend on one.
depends on which version of the XXX and when it was made. the old version was US made for sure but differs from the new (rebadged JSX). not sure but I believe the first year of the new version were US made but newer ones are going to be Chinese as all amp production has moved to China. not familiar with the other amp you mentioned.
monwobobbo I know the original XXX was made in the USA, I've owned a few. Don't know about the XXX II (JSX), never owned one or even looked at one I don't believe. I'm also pretty sure that the XXX 112/212 (60w/120w) was USA made. However, when I started looking for a XXX 112, I discovered that they made a later version (still BASED on the original XXX), that's 40 watts. One called the XXX Super 40 and another the Super 40EFX (with built in digital FX).

I never even knew they existed. I'm sure I've passed them in stores and just thought they were standard XXX 112 without even noticing the difference. The 40 watt would be much more conducive to what I want it for. But again, as I didn't even know they existed until yesterday, I don't know where they were made. I know that was around the time that some were made in USA others in China.
a little quick research says they are US made. seem to be available pretty cheap to on the used market.
Yeah, I was at work when I originally posted and had limited internet time. I Google'd it a bit more and found that any that listed where it was made stated USA.