I just wanted to say hi to you guy's. I figured today would be a great day to sign up an see if can get a little help here an there. Where under a major snow storm/blizzard warning.
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I'm in Nova Scotia and the first flakes of that storm are expected any moment.

We are just about done, i mean maybe a hour or so more but all the snow we where gonna get we got . I would say like 13ish inch's or so , just a lot of wind an we got some ice rain in the morning so its gonna make for a nasty clean up. Where i live they do a very bad job , how is it by you??
I live out in the country so it's not uncommon for hours to go by without seeing a plow go by. We all stay off the roads since everything is closed in these bad storms anyways. Some poor bastards have to work, though.

It's began and were expecting 12-16 inches, but the 50mph winds are the worst part because we have a tendency to loose power in winds of that nature.