Hello! So.. I can't choose from Bayerdinamics pro 770 and 990, each one have 250 ohm impedance, but one is open configuration and another one is closed. First point - comfort playing, second is audio recording and production. So, which one should I choose if the price is similar? Thanks for responses! P. S. Sorry for mistakes, English is not my native language
Closed back might feel a bit better for playing cause they tend to be more flattering in the low end. I own the DT770s and comfort wise they're very nice.
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nightfall1808 can hopefully help you out here as I've just gone through a similar decision.
Wanted phones for iPad interface for use with Biax FX etc. Comfort was a priority and after much research I settled in the Sennheiser 558.
Very comfortable, however they are semi open and the clang of the strings annoyed me. Then tried Sennheiser closed backs hd215 but inferior sound and comfort. Finally bought what I had considered in the first place but didn't for comfort reasons which are the audiotechnica m40x...wow sound was why better than the Sennheisers especially in the base department and being closed back no more string noise at normal volume. But, as I had read they were not very comfortable so immediately oredered replacement ear pads. Does effect the sound slightly but still better than the Sennheisers and now super comfy.
Didn't like the fact the Sennheisers were half price at £60 and the AT's with the extra pads cost £97 but hey ho

Ok can't comment on the beyerdynamics but what I can say with confidence is definitely get the closed type and make sure they are comfy. Velour is super comfy but you loose isolation properties with them

Hope this helps