I'm thinking of buying my first left-handed solid body guitar, likely a Fender Telecaster. The two choices I've narrowed it down to are a lefty sunburst American Standard Tele, which is now discounted to $1325 CDN; or a lefty Butterscotch Blonde American Pro Tele, which would be full price at $1999 CDN.

I've tried the American Standard Tele. The shop has it in stock so I could buy it immediately. I tried a right-handed American Pro Tele, but the shop doesn't have any left-handed ones in stock and I've been told they won't get any in until April at the earliest. Both sounded great to my ears. Both necks felt good in my hand, although maybe I'd give a slight edge to the American Pro with the taller frets.

I can't decide which to get. I like the looks of the the American Pro Tele better, it has more of a 'vintage' look to it than the American Standard. But the Standard is on sale and available. Is the Pro really worth the extra $675 and a two month wait?
I'd go with the discounted one. You can look at Fender's web site to see just what the differences are, but it looks to me like it's mostly just slightly different pickups, which are definitely not worth $675 CD.

You can also order these online, and many big online retailers will take returns if something is wrong with it.
Besides different pickups the Pro doesn't have the cutaway on the body, and it has a treble bleed circuit, slightly different neck shape, and the traditional three saddle bridge.