I want to go to Springfield Oregon
I want to go for a couple of weeks
So take me away from this city and
These streets and give me a week or two of peace
Wouldn't it be so sweet

I haven't been to Hollywood
Seattle, or Portland
If I flew in via those I would
Regret not flying into see
I'd take Delta via Salt Lake City

I want to go to Springfield, Oregon
To see The Simpsons and drink
At Max's I want to see so
I'd fly into Eugene
Drive to Portland on the weekend

I'm from London the most visited city
But for two weeks at least
I'd like to find some quiet time
See the world it'll be £3, 500.00
On the flights and hotel I want.

I want to rent a car
Have a lap dance
Get drunk off my arse
Sitting on the internet watching TV
Touch base with Portland on the weekend - yeah