The 10-year-old "Open String Vibrato" thread was finally and justifiably closed by an attentive mod, but It occurred to me that the Kahler 2410 might be of interest to bass players who haven't run into the bass vibrato/trems before. I've been looking at a bass that has an older version, but I've been telling myself that I need to get a LOT better playing bass normally before I start adding toys. Nonetheless I've heard some great players doing some nutso things with these.

For that matter, there are the folks using Hipshop Bass Extenders (sometimes on all four or five strings)...

Listen to this first, eyes shut. I've found that if I watch Manring flying around changing the Extenders, I lose the musicality in the distraction of his mechanics.

It's also worth noting to those who are playing mostly metal that you don't want to get overtaken by the "Windham Hill" nature of what's being played by these bassists; open your mind to how these gizmos can affect your playing in almost any genre.

Notice, too, the upper end of Manring's guitar -- if there were frets there (there aren't) we'd call that extreme upper fret access. It's probably time for manufacturers to consider building basses (and guitars, when the scale is long enough) with this type of access. It certainly can't be more expensive for them to do so,and it's certainly a selling bullet point.
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At nearly US$400.00 for the four-string model, it's quite an upgrade.
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