hey everybody, Im getting a buzz whenever i plug in my guitar. Every time I touch a metal part, the noise changes or is reduced, and if I turn the knob volume down the buzz is gone. Ive seen couple of posts discussing the same issue and it may be due to a ground wire that needs to be re-soldered. So is it necessary to take my guitar to the technician or is there an easy enough solution so i can fix it myself?
Easy fix if you have done any soldering before.

What you are describing definitely sounds like a ground issue. Did you do any thing to it between when it worked fine and now. ie tighten the nut on your jack or mess with the trem claw( if applicable)?

Open the control cavity and look for a loose wire, or one not attached, usually black or bare. Most will terminate to the back of the volume pot. Resolder to back of pot.
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