Hello, I am a newbie guitar player, and I am curious what's the difference between guitar strings (especially 3 high/G,B,E strings). I bought ernie ball m-steel, and I realized that G,B,E strings are not coiled, so are they as same as just regular ones?

And I tried to put the m-steel strings heavy bottom, but the low E (the first string) gets cut off as I tried to tune. This cutting off is happening second time now;; Does anyone have a solution or why is this happening?

Final question: m-steel vs cobalt. which one is better?
they're different gauges, so if you use the wrong ones at best the tension will be all wrong, and at worse they'll snap

are you sure you put the right ones in the right place? which gauge did you buy?

final question: I haven't tried either
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What does cuttng off mean? The difference in strings is the thickness of them. Usually the three thin ones are not coiled and the 3 thickest ones are coiled
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