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Love it. It's great. I must have it.
1 10%
It's pretty, but I don't really need it.
4 40%
Meh, whatever.
5 50%
No, only wood in my guitars. Do you like my C.F. Martin wall painting?
0 0%
Voters: 10.
Is it important to you? Does it affect the way a guitar looks/feels to you? Does the color of it matter to you?

I am, personally, a big fan of white binding on fretboards. I think it improves both the look and the feel of the neck. For no rational reason, I'm not nearly as hung up on it for electric guitars--in fact, my current electric is a Strat with a maple board--but I absolutely love it on acoustics. In fact, it'd be difficult to convince me to buy one that doesn't have it.

Am I a weirdo, or are you guys as into fretboard binding as I am?
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Is it important to you? Does it affect the way a guitar looks/feels to you? . . .

. . . . . Am I a weirdo,

. . . . . . or are you guys as into fretboard binding as I am? . . .



I can go either way. I love very simple, unadorned yet beautiful guitars (like this Olson) but my flagship acoustic guitar is also rather ornate and too "loud" for many people.

I don't have a strong opinion one way or the other. Never noticed a particular impact on the feel or my playing ability.
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I like the way it looks and feels but most of my guitars don't have it and I am totally ok with that. Not worth a bunch of extra $$$ to get it for me.
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Some people say fretboard binding makes the neck feel smoother however it is usually done for cosmetics rather than functionality. It does make fretboard maintenance a bit more tricky but not a lot.
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Some guitars look weird with it and some look weird without it. So I guess I like it on certain guitars, to the extent that not having it might put me off buying it, but on other guitars it's the opposite.
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I'm usually a fan, but more so on some guitars than others. My sole acoustic is also my sole guitar with fretboard binding at present, and I do think it benefits a lot from having that. Generally it's not such a big deal for me on more utilitarian designs like the Guild I used to have or my Teles. Something fancy like a Les Paul or one of the old Gibby archtops, for me, looks weird without, like having an IKEA shelf in a mansion.
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Well, you left out my true choice which would be, I would prefer to have it, but a guitar without, isn't a deal breaker.

Some unbound necks are better than others. Bound necks always seem to be better in the tactile sense. Some unbound necks have a bit disconcerting unfinished feel, as you can oftentimes feel the fret slots. It may also be that in trying to make price point by leaving off the binding, the fret ends aren't attended as well either.

I don't notice the lack of binding on my Taylor 12 string, as acutely as I do on my, (much less expensive), Fender. Note the Taylor 12 is their budget 150e, but overall, the workmanship is somewhat superior to that of the Fender. The Taylor top is a much nicer piece of spruce than that on the "Sonoran". To be fair though, the Fender is way, way, shinier.
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I only want binding if it's made from genuine elephant ivory or human fingerbones. Otherwise, not necessary.
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I only want binding if it's made from genuine elephant ivory or human fingerbones. Otherwise, not necessary.
Well, you haven't lived until you've tried a neck bound with whale penis bone. Human finger bones simply aren't long enough. Although, I have it on authority that once upon a time, the skin covering those hand bones, made a great lampshade.

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I go either way. On some guitars it looks great, on other guitars it looks odd if the rest of the guitar isn't bound.

But more often than not, I like it to be there.
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