So I've finally saved up enough money for a "Boss PS-6 Harmonist Pitch Shifter Guitar Effects Pedal", and plan to buy it tomorrow.
That aside, I have questions, if anyone could please help me answer them.

1. Because I mostly play though my computer via an iRig2 and a pair of earbuds, will physical guitar effect pedals work with software pedals and the music recording programs (like Garageband)?

2. I know they're called "foot pedals", but do they literally mean I can step on them and bet that they won't get crushed? In other words, are pedals made to be clicked with hands, or can they take getting stepped on?

3. I've seen somewhere about a "Electro-Harmonix Pitch Fork", between that and the PS-6, anyone have experience between the two? I know they're both pitch shifters/harmonizers, but are there any differences between them, or are they just different for the sake of looks?

4. Do I need any other stuff (besides guitar, computer, iRig2, earbuds) for the pedal to work? I'm guessing I'll need another cable to connect guitar to pedal and pedal to interface

5. Any tips anyone can add? Up until this point, I've really only messed with the included pedals in garageband, never actually used a real physical pedal before, so any tips and/or advice will be gladly appreaciated

- Strandberg OS 7
- A cheap fender strat knock-off not worth naming
- Garageband
- Boss GT-1
- Potato
fx pedals are meant to be activated by your foot hence the nickname stomp boxes. not so sure it will work properly into a computer with the other fx. you will need an extra cable as the guitar goes into the pedal and then a 2nd cord will be needed to connect to computer (or amp).
Some are sturdier than others but yes you can step on them(not stand on them) and just the button right? Not the knobs if you have multiple pedals you can get little tiny cables to connect them to each other