Looking into wireless setups and these are the two ive narrowed it down too.
Ive heard lots of good things about the Shure and some mixed reviews on the G70

The 1/4" on both ends for the G70 seems a bonus over the Shure plus not having to rely on the lithium battery to be charged since you can just pop in some AA's.

But ive heard the G70 can drop out? perhaps a faulty unit by some of the reviews or what not

Anybody here had experience with these wireless systems and could shed some light on which one they found better?
I have the G50, and i have had zero problems with it. It does seem to eat batteris for breakfast, but the sound quality is superb, there is no delay, and so far i havent had a single dropout yet.
Joža je kul. On ma sirove z dodatki pa hambije.
The price is a bit more on the G70, the Shure seems like a great unit too.

The g70 has 1.5 ms latency while the Shure is 4ms. Does that really make that much of a difference?
Well its 3x the latency For live use it probably doesnt matter tho. But i would choose the one with less latency anyway, just to be sure. Im interested where you got those numbers from tho?
Joža je kul. On ma sirove z dodatki pa hambije.
I looked at both of their specs in their manuals.
I see a lot of talk about dropouts with the g70
The shire seems to get heaps of praise across the board.
The ab switching with the g70 seems really handy though justvthese dropouts I hear about make me think twice though
I'm using the G90 (rack mount), and it's been bulletproof. I'd suggest listening to folks that actually *have* one or the other, rather than to hear-say on the intertoobs.
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Yeah there is a massive thread on the G70 on their line6 forum and alot of people who own them are complaining, but that thread is like a year old so i imagine the latest firmware has rectified whatever problem

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GLXD because of the tuner function and rechargabe battery.

I have one btw

Well the G70 has a tuner as well, but I own a Helix so the tuner feature is pointless for me