It looks like you get sort of a strange order here:

1. Bridge HB
2. Neck + Bridge
3. Neck HB
4. Bridge HB + Neck split
5. Bridge split

To get things in the 'right' order, you'd need a Super Switch or a Megaswitch.
Dave @ Seymour Duncan
Hmm, I guess I'm gonna have to decide if I can live with that or not. I think once I remember it won't be much a problem? When it goes to the split positions is it the outside coils, and rear coil for bridge split? Is there any way to get those in the proper order with that switch? I switched from the import style 5 way to the fender style becuase the import ones seem to be garbage. I have had a lot of problems with them.
There is no way to get them in the proper order with that switch. You need a Super Switch to do it.

As far as which coil is active when split, it is usually the stud coil.
Dave @ Seymour Duncan
Easy way to tell is to plug in the guitar, mute the strings, and tap lightly on the pick ups with the trem bar at each switch position. The ones that are active will give a distinct pop through the amp when hit. the others will be silent.
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