This time, you better get ready for some heavy tinkering as the sponsor of the UG IQ Contest is MOD Kits DIY

And here's what they've got in store for you, guys:

The grand prize is

1) MOD 102+ Guitar Amp Kit

Runners-up get

2) The Wahtz Wah

3) The Persuader Deluxe

4) The Verb Deluxe

5) The Step Ladder

The contest is over and the winners are:

1st place: Nicaz with 1226 points gets the grand prize - MOD 102+ Guitar Amp Kit.


2nd place: joschua21 with 973 points gets The Wahtz Wah

3rd place: NeoMvsEu with 922 points gets The Persuader Deluxe

4th place: special2-4-2gwf with 921 points gets The Verb Deluxe

5th place: jjhand with 847 points gets The Step Ladder