My Bronc-ish
I've always liked the idea of a fender bronco, and when squier released the new bullet Mustang I thought it would make a good body for a build.

So I built one.

It's full 25.5 inch scale, reverse headstock, 70s tuners, and a homebrew tremolo.

I refinished the body with a worn black nitro finish over the blue sparkle, looks really cool where it's worn through to the blue.
I've put a Tele bridge pickup as a stealth neck and have a squier strat neck pickup for the bridge. This gives it a really balanced output. No tone just volume and a toggle.

The bridge is a danelectro u3 bridge- because similar saddles- which is held in place at the rear by a jazzmaster spring/screw/but set run through a jack plate. This means that the trem works more or less the same as the original bronco. It annoyingly sustains more than one would expect so it loses some of that bronco twang.

Still to do:
Waiting for the pickguard- black stock bronco shape.
Good studs for the tremolo to run on- they're currently just some domeheaded screws.

Pics: imgur.com/a/6ydK4

That looks great! I've just got myself a bullet mustang, and have to say it's really addictive to play! I'm hoping a lot of people do stuff like you have, they are so damn cheap that they lend themselves to major mods and overhauls!

How is the tremolo holding up? I am tempted to swap out the tuners and add a mustang tremolo to mine, but the tuning isn't 100% as it is! I didn't even think about using a totally different tremolo like the Danelectro ones.

Thank you, your build was cool enough for me to log in after a 6 year UG break and comment!
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