So I have been playing for just over a month now and I am confused. If I watch someone play a power chord, say 4-e 6-a 6-d they will use pointer finger, middle finger and ring finger.
I find this so uncomfortable so I use my pointer finger and pinky to play the 3 chords, I will put Pinter finger on 4-e and pinky holding down 6-A 6-D and the other 3 strings. is this a bad habbit, should I learn the other way ??
Learn both?
Three fingers may be preferred when you want to articulate a chord riff with additional notes using the pinky.... a popular rock sound like Stevie Ray Vaughn.
Two fingers may be preferred when you anticipate running through a series of double stop slide phrases. A double stop just means playing two strings... Hendrix used a lot of double stop slides.
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