Hey guys. Been a lurker here for quite some time and have been using UG since forever, and definitely feel like I am in debt to it. Here are two singles from an album I'll be releasing in early March:



Hope you guys enjoy!

Edit: Though this is promotion for an upcoming full album, this may actually belong in the single songs subforum, so if a mod deems this to be so, please feel free to move the post
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 Quick update: Keshav Dhar had to step down do to time constraints. Stepping up is Bob St. John. He has worked with the likes of Extreme, Dokken, Collective Souls, Duran Duran, so yeah.... dude knows what he is doing! Expect an early-April release!

Will have packages including t-shirts, the stems of Threshold to mix however you see fit, and a physical CD copy of the album available by then!

Edit: The album has entered into the Mastering phase, as well.