So I don't have much money and will be playing a gig soon and need another guitar. My main guitar has a Floyd Rose so I can't really change tunings on stage. I have an old strat which i can put some humbuckers in. The only problem is that it is green. I would like to paint it but lack all the equipment and environment. I watched this video (https://goo.gl/ZYATSH) and was wondering if I have to do all that, can I not just spray paint over my current finish and sand then use the car polish? or will this just F**k the guitar up?
It really depends on what quality you are going for. If you aren't looking to achieve professional results you can paint over the old paint. You will still want to sand it really well but you can do this by hand if you are willing to put some elbow into it. It will look ok for a little while. Keep in mind spray paint from a can chips easy. It's not great.
If you don't have a lot of money I would play it as is and not GAF what others think about it being green.
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