ok I was searching all around the internet on how to play this specific part but couldn't find it, so I decided to make an account here and ask you guys. I know how to do it if it was 8 10 8 (hammer on + pull off), but have no idea how to play it when its 8 10 7.
Just use a different fingering - play 8 with second finger, hammer on to 10 with fourth finger and pull off to 7 fretted with first finger.
First of all thank you for answering, I am pretty new to this.
I hit 8 with my 2nd finger and hammer on 10 with my pinky, but I don't understand how am I supposed to pull off on 7, no matter how I do it it makes no sound. What am I supposed to do with my other fingers while I pull off 7 with my index ?

EDIT: I just realized, do I both hammer on and pull off on 10 while simply moving index finger back to 7 ? so i hold finger on 8, hammer on 10 with pinky, move index to 7 and pull off on 10 again with my pinky ?
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Yes, I think you got it with your edit. Pull off from 10 to 7, from pinky at 10 to index at 7.

Or just keep your three fingers at those frets, and you can do things like
and lots of other fun stuff