Dear ultimate guitar gurus, im in dillema for both model consideration as similar pricing.

I play anything mainly from clean to metal. Looking for amp without hassle therefore opt out tube amp although they sound better.

Any kind soul with both model experience able shed some light please?

Thanks in advance.
Tube amps aren't really a hassle. Occasionally you have to replace tubes, but that's about it. Any amp will have problems if treated poorly or incorrectly. Its more important to get an amp you like the sound of, regardless of if it uses tubes or transistors/ss tech.

But to answer your question, I would choose the Orange. I have its bigger brother the CR120h. On its own it can handle metal up to System of a Down type tones a little over half gain. Any higher is great for doom metal because it gets fuzzy and loose. With an overdrive in front as a boost (I use a boss sd-1) it tightens up and works well for modern metal. Good warm clean channel that can get gritty. Good reverb unit built in.

The Randall is pretty good as well. Just a different flavor. I chose the Orange over it because I liked the voicing and gain sound better. The Randall is more suited towards metal. High gain. But has a more sterile sounding clean channel.

Overall they are decent amps. Can't speak to the longevity of the Randall, but my Orange is going strong.
I have a buddy who just picked up a CR120 combo for the reasons you mentioned. It sounds pretty awesome, and it is very lightweight. Decent clean, fat drive sound.

I was pretty impressed with it, I was very skeptical at first but after turning it up with a drummer yesterday I would have no hesitation getting one.
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I use both tube and SS. As mentioned above, tube really aren't a hassle at all. Its quite rare you have to change tubes. Might be a few years to a couple decades (Ive seen a lot of vintage amps with their original tubes) Then again, you can get a bad tube that goes in a few months.

As far as the ones you stated, I'd go with the Orange Cr120. I've played it a couple times, its not bad, nice cleans and the gain is decent. I owned the Randall. Its got more gain for metal and its tighter sounding than the Orange, has a bass boost and mid-scoop switch, but no cleans. The clean channel is a joke. My 6505+ gets better cleans. Even if you turn the gain as far down as you can and raise the channel volume and master ... It still brakes up a lot.

So don't get the Randall if you want cleans.